• "Hello, world!" - 14-August-1999

  • Passed matriculation in 2015 and HSC in 2017 from Ramjas Sr. Sec. School No.5
    Later I chose Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology for Bachelor specializing Information Technology. If everything goes according to plan then I will get my degree in 2021.

  • On December 2017, I was hired as content writer in NotesHub. My job was to develop quality product(notes) for students.

  • Tried Machine Learing for 2 months but didn't get much satisfaction and excitement. So I dropped the plan of taking my future in this direction. I don't have a solid reason that why I stepped out from this.
    Did only one Project in the field of ML which is Twitter Sentiment Analysis.

  • After dropping the idea of ML I Wrote first line of HTML in mid 2018. Since mid 2018 I have been leanring Web Development. The all I learned so far is by just reading the docs, articles and few free tutorial. You can check my projects above.

  • Seeking for a challenging position with a creative work environment to enhance expertise in web development and web design that allows for implementation of communication, service, and design skills to the programming essentials.

  • As I progress, I will add more details.